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About Esther

I'm Esther Verdonk and I enjoy combining productivity with creativity and design to spark your creative mind.


Short posts about my view on the planner world. Whether you use a notebook, Happy Planner or Bulletjournal. Have fun!

Do you like to read about planners, productivity and creativity, or even minimalistic planners? You are at the right blog! I write from my perspective on the world with no filter.

Dutch is my native language. So if you find words or sentences that need to be corrected, please shoot me an email, so I can learn from it.

Thank you!

Trained as a productivity specialist, a working mom and being an entrepreneur since 2010, I’m constantly thinking about how to make productivity more fun, inspired by the daily challenges life brings. Being creative is a huge part of feeling good and in control so we can grow.

Whether it’s a template for your daily layout or some fun and useful stickers, I know you’ll find something here that helps you grow in your creative productivity and have fun while doing it.


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