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First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by here!

Who's the face behind Beautifulgreymouse? Nice of you to ask 🙂 I'm Esther, the driving force behind Beautifulgreymouse. I live in a village in the southwest of the Netherlands against the province of Zeeland, together with my husband, two beautiful daughters and 4 mysterious creatures ... cats. 

I blog In Dutch and English about planning, bullet journaling, stickers, prints, techniques, freebies, goodies, productivity and much more. I also make illustrations for websites and invitation cards.

I started Beautifulgreymouse in 2017. Since school I have a passion for drawing, crafting, diaries, structuring and pens! Especially fountain pens 🙂

After serving in the Army as a soldier, I got my bachelor's degree in economics and served in the Air Force for 23 years. In my defence career, I always worked with my head, budgeting, calculating, project and financial management. Whenever I wanted to relax, I always went 'out of my head' and started working with my hands, drawing, crafting, just being creative. Beautifulgreymouse is my creative outlet and I have a great time. I have artistic dreams and plans for the future.

Love to see you,

Esther Verdonk | Beautifulgreymouse


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