Three do's for your bullet journal

3 Do's For Your Bullet Journal

This is the first article of a diptych "do's and don'ts for your bullet journal". I have been using my bullet journal for over 3 years now at the time of writing this article. It has revealed some do's and don'ts for my bullet journal. If you read my blog...

The Flylady System In Your Bullet Journal

Flylady In My Bullet Journal

There is a tracker in almost every bullet journal. Trackers vary from a single subject, to a whole page full of tasks or things to sign off on. One of the topics you often encounter in a tracker is the household and the tasks that go with it. You can do this yourself...

Gratitude log for your planner

Start A Gratitude Log And Grow

How many people would think 'a gratitude page' or thank you booklet would be a hassle? Or 'a waste of my time'. I think a lot and yet I'm going to dedicate a blog article about it, because it has a positive effect on your life. Years ago, when I was studying Foot Reflexology / Chinese Medicine, there were

What is a bullet journal?

What Is A Bullet Journal?

Probably you've heard or seen the term "bullet journal" regularly on the internet. Sometime in 2017 my friend Helma, during a sushi lunch in Breda, asked me if I had heard of the bullet journal, because she enjoyed it a lot. What is a bullet...

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Color Code Unreadable And How To Prevent This In The Future

Tombows Color Code Unreadable

Are you also a fan of Tombows Dual Brushpen? I use them a lot and use different techniques with them, including watercoloring. Because I use them so much, the color code of the pen wears off and becomes unreadable. Even though I have a color chart of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen, I...

#finishmydoodle The New Most Fun Monthly Doodling Challenge You Do Together! Join US!

Easy Monthly Doodle Challenge

Besides using my bullet journal as a calender, I use it for so much more. It's my planner, productivity booster and creative outlet. From the beginning (since 2017) I participate in various drawing challenges. They shouldn't be too difficult, because then I quit. Then came August...

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started and Why

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started

A moodtracker is translated into Dutch as a "stemmingsregistratie" (mood registration), but I find moodtracker more pleasant to read and write. In this article I look at how to start a moodtracker, what it's for and how to express a mood or feeling in words. I have a list of descriptions of feelings...

The start of a new day How I start my day with four simple routines

The Start Of A New Day This Is How I Begin

Every day can be seen as a new start, an unwritten page. Maybe you are looking for inspiration or someone with whom you can relate, therefore an example of how I start my day. Regularity and structure There are people who go through the days without any form of structure, but through the years...

We all hate it when we make a mistake in our planner. Don't give up

Planner Stress?

The use of a paper planner is becoming increasingly popular for a good reason, it is a good way to manage your time and be productive. And yet it happens, "you're running behind", the planner becomes an obligation. Instead of the bullet journal helping you, it's stressful...

The Bullet Journal Basics

Starting the Bullet Journal - The Basic Terms

Beyond the hype that has been created around the Bullet Journal, the original purpose of journaling is to get to grips with the things you want or need to do in everyday life. Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal, needed this structure during his studies and developed a...