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Bullet Journal Future Log BlogThe first pages of a bullet journal, are often used for a future log. This allows you to see at a glance what appointments or notes you have during the year.

A future log is an important overview to include in your bullet journal, because this notebook is, of course, completely empty when you start using it. It's not like with a 'normal calendar' that you can browse 4 months ahead, because you still have to draw that out. You can easily set up your monthly spreads using a future log.

All those terminology in the world of bullet journaling I summarized and translated for you. This useful list can be found for free .

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Everyone uses a journal in their own way and for their own purpose. Besides the fact that you use a bullet journal privately, you can also use it for your work or maybe you're still studying.

A future log for personal use

If you use a journal only for your private matters, a future log is also useful to set up. This way you can quickly see what birthdays are upcoming, the school vacations, when you are on vacation or a dentist appointment that is often scheduled six months in advance.

The future log can not only be used to record your appointments and birthdays in the future, but certainly also for working on your goals. You can mark the milestones of your goals. For example: on date x I want to have saved $500 or I want to be able to complete 20 push-ups. This way you can work on your goals in a focused way. The smaller steps involved in reaching these goals can be processed in your monthly / weekly or daily.

Ryder Carroll, the creator of the original Bullet Journal, explains the use of a future log well on his website.

A future log for students

Are you still studying? A future log is then perfect for capturing all your key moments. The self-study weeks, the feedback dates or when an essay has to be submitted etc. And of course the better things about student life, the vacation weeks 🙂

A future log for work

If you use a bullet journal for your job, a future log should not be missing. Whether you work as an employee or as an entrepreneur, there will always be appointments to be made in the future. Meetings, conferences, fairs etc.

Important to know

A future log is not used to replace a full calendar. As I explained above when processing milestones in your future log, daily tasks such as to-do's, and weekly recurring items, are not included in your future log. The future log is only for keeping track of things that will take place in the future and therefore cannot yet be noted in the relevant month.

5 Future log ideas for your bullet journal

Minimalistic Future Log

Source: @lovexreading

Colorful Future Log

Source: @deepikajournals

Future Log Box Layout

Source: @hobbiesdalua

Vertical Future Log

Source: @quoththecrowplans

The Alastair Method As Future Log

Source: @beautifulgreymouse

The Alastair method in short

Each column represents one month. You put a dot in the column of that month and in the line behind it you write down the date and the subject. You don't have to reserve space for a month. You write down the appointment or something similar at the moment it occurs to be noted. When you set up the final monthly spread, you go through all the dots in the relevant month column. Suppose I want to set up the May monthly, then I see in the May column where the dots are and the subject lines behind them indicate an action, an appointment or for example a birthday.

Before setting up a future log

It's a good idea to first think about what you want to include in your future log, before you start logging right away. In my future log I note birthdays, appointments at the dentist, orthodontics, hospital, wedding days and the vacation days of husband and children. I also put a symbol next to the day the salary is paid.

Furthermore, you can make it as wild as you want. You can use stickers, aquarelle, markers and so on or you can keep it minimalistic. Just to the point. In my current journal I use the Alastair method as a future log. In my next bullet journal I will set up a future log in blocks again. I find with the Alastair method that I am running out of space.

What not to forget

No matter how you set up your journal, the order, the spreads you use or include, the colors, super detailed or very minimalistic, it doesn't matter. It's YOUR journal. As I've written before, here on my blog, but also in the Facebook groups in which I participate, the journal serves you and not the other way around!

You don't have to share your journal with anyone, it's yours. If you haven't done anything with your journal for a while, that's fine too! Then you didn't need it or didn't have the energy for it, whatever. That's OK. I'm showing my journal, because I like to offer inspiration to the journal community. But there are certainly spreads that I don't show to anyone, because I find them too personal.

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