Bullet Journal Spreads Ideas For The Non Artistic

Bullet Journal Ideas For Non-Artistic

You'd like to use a bullet journal, but without going overboard. Maybe you don't like decorating, you don't want to spend that much money on it or you think you belong to the non-creatives. In this blog post I'll give you 9 examples of simple, yet useful spreads.

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Meaning Personal Productivity

What Does Personal Productivity Mean?

What is the meaning of personal productivity and why is it so important? What do you gain from it in everyday life? First, let's look at what productivity actually means. In my opinion, it is quite a vague concept.

Why a bullet journal doesn't work

3 Reasons Why a Bullet Journal Doesn't Work

Using a bullet journal can do a lot of good and yet there is a good number of people who have tried to use a bullet journal, but where it doesn't work. A bullet journal is a powerful tool for all kinds of disciplines unless it is used wisely.

How a bullet journal changed my life after burnout

Bullet Journal Inspiration After Burnout

Recovering from a severe burnout, I started looking for ways that would help me get back to living as normal a life as possible. How a bullet journal contributed to this and changed my life, you can read in this article. I am not a doctor and this article is based on my experience. Please consult a physician if you have any complaints and/or symptoms.

How to fix mistakes in you bullet journal

Fixing a Mistake In Your Bullet Journal

If you use a bullet journal or planner, you've made mistakes. There's almost no way around it. A spelling error, a wrong layout, a line of a frame that goes too far. We all know it. And if you're anything like me, you still find yourself bummed by such a mistake.

Roadmap in your bullet journal to a uncluttered digital environment

Digital Declutter

Digital clutter, we all struggle with it. Do you have more than 10, 100 or 1000 emails / Whatsappes in your inbox, x thousand photos on your phone, bookmarks in your browser that you never look at ... this is an article for you.

Bullet Journal Future Log Blog

Bullet Journal Future Log

The first few pages of a bullet journal, are often used for a future log. This allows you to see at a glance what appointments or notes you have during the year. A future log is an important record to include in your bullet journal.

Increase Productivity By Using Your Bullet Journal

Increase Productivity By Using Your Bullet Journal

For visual thinkers, an icon says more than 100 words. The productivity level board combines icons with activities you've done. It maps out what you have spent your time on. The opposite of a habit tracker where you keep track of what you have to do.

Improve your handwriting in 10 minutes a day

3 Tips to Improve Your Handwriting

Let me start by clarifying that this is not a calligraphy or handlettering blog post, but it is about how I improve my daily handwriting in a very easy way. Maybe you want to improve your handwriting too, but get overwhelmed by the beautiful scripts you see around you.

Three don'ts for using your bullet journal

3 Don'ts For Your Bullet Journal

When you go online to check on Instagram etc. you come across all kinds of content that can be very overwhelming. That is not the essence of a bullet journal. It should be a little book that works effectively and efficiently for you. 3 don't tips for working with a bullet journal.