Gratitude log in your bullet journal

Start A Gratitude Log And Grow

Part of happiness theory is gratitude. Not a grandiose wonder of the world, but small moments, events, feelings, etc. How many people think 'a gratitude page' or 'gratitude booklet' what a wishy washy? Or 'no time'. Quite a few I think and yet I am going to dedicate a blog article to it, because it has a positive effect on your life.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Color Code Unreadable And How To Prevent This In The Future

Tombows Color Code Unreadable

Are you also a fan of the Tombows Dual Brush pen? I use them a lot and because I use them so much, the color code of the pen wears off and becomes unreadable. In this article I offer you a solution to keep the color codes readable.

Finishmydoodle join the challenge

Easy Monthly Doodle Challenge

Finishmydoodle is an easy but oh so fun doodle challenge. You choose the subject, so you're not stuck with a prompt. Being creative together is the key. We are so excited about the development of this challenge! You can read how #finishmydoodle works in this blog.

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started and Why

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started

A mood tracker is in Dutch a mood registration, but I find mood tracker more pleasant to read and write. In this article I'll look at how you start a mood tracker, what it's for and how you express a mood or feeling in words.

Terminology and expressions in the bullet journal world explained in this glossary. Free download.

What Is A Weekly And Free Glossary For You

The weekly overview or the weekly log is the most common way to process your information in your journal. For all those different terms you come across in the world of planners, I have a solution;

The pinterest barcode explained

How The Pinterest Barcode Works

I love Pinterest. Don't you? It's very important for me to schedule a time slot for Pinterest and stick to it, because I'll click for a couple of hours if I don't stop myself. It's a huge inspiration for all sorts of things...

Example of applying the Accountability Mirror in my bullet journal

The Accountability Mirror In My Bullet Journal

Earlier this year I read the book by David Goggins, 'Can't Hurt Me' What a remarkable man with a special story. He goes very hard for his goals. So hard, that he has looked death in the eye several times. Okay, that goes way too far for me, too...

Free Printable Mydoodlenine

How does mydoodlenine work

If you are a bullet journal user, someone who would like to (learn to) doodle, keep reading and see how easy and fun #mydoodolenine is. Does it take a lot of time? No! Why am I participating in this challenge? Just simple drawing, no artwork, something you do together online.

Tidying up with the Minsgame does work, unlike the Marie Kondo

Minsgame This Way Of Tidying Up Will Work

There's a new month coming up, so a great chance to start the Minsgame! Is the stuff you have to clean up too much? Are you reluctant to clean up and that's why you don't do anything about it? This is an article for you with the answer! Yes, really ...

Incowrimo an annual global snailmail event

InCoWriMo And Immediatly Improve Your Handwriting

The International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo is back on and it was great. It's an online event that challenges you to write a letter every day for 28 days (29 in a leap year). By writing every day, you can immediately improve your handwriting if you...