Accountability Mirror Spread Background Mirror Rubberstamp Ink Foil

The Accountability Mirror In My Journal

Posted: 31 July 2019 by Esther

Earlier this year I read David Goggins’ book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’. What a remarkable man with a very special story. He is hard, real hard towards himself so he can be the best version of himself or even better. He looked death several times in the eye. I admit, that…

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Weekly spread bullet journal dog theme - planner stencil hondenthema

Bujo Weekly Dog Theme

Posted: 25 April 2019 by Esther

This weeks setup is in a dog theme. When I grew up, there were always dogs around. Since I left my elderly home, I don’t have dogs anymore. I’m now a crazy cat lady. There’s even a little black crazy cat lady sticker on my pencil case 😉 When I…

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