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Easy Monthly Doodle Challenge

Besides using my bullet journal as a calendar, I use it for so much more

It's my planner, productivity booster and creative outlet. From the beginning (since 2017) I participate in various drawing challenges. They should not be too difficult, because then I give up. Then came August 2020 and via Instagram I was approached by Carri from Texas USA, asking if I was interested in developing a doodle challenge with her. And so our own monthly doodle challenge was created. (click here to immediately read how it works).

In spite of the fact that my planner has to be efficient and effective, there is also room for creativity. That is something I like to spend my free time on. Drawing, crafting, making cards, etc. It's not a must, but relaxing. So this also means that when my mind is not in the mood for it, I don't do it either!

Challenges are fun creative ways to master a certain habit

For example, for me relaxing is very important and I'm not someone who sits quietly on the couch to watch a movie or something like that.

I only find a moment of relaxation when I am creative. In order to build in the moment of relaxing as a daily habit, I choose to take part in a challenge. This way I can challenge my creative brain and still be a creative person in my bubble.

An important condition for me when taking part in a challenge is that it has to be doable. There may be some challenge, but not too much. Because if it becomes too much work, it no longer contributes to my relaxation, but I am engaged in development. That is also good, very good even, but does not belong to my moment of relaxation. That is why I choose a challenge which is not too difficult and which is easy to draw away.

Two of my favorite doodle challenges are #mydoodlenine and #differentdoodles. Mydoodlenine is hosted by Gemma from @doodledaydarlings. How this challenge works can be read in this article. And Differentdoodles is hosted by Mark from @menwhobullet and Nicole from @plansthatblossom. More about this can be found on my Instagram page.

In August I was approached by Carri 

We were following each other's doodles through Mydoodlenine, that's how we 'knew' each other. Via direct messaging we had occasional contact about doodles, spreads, the weather and even our cats 😻.

Until Carri asked me at the beginning of August if I wanted to set up a doodle challenge with her. I was right on the edge of my seat, because I think that's great! Carri introduces herself here and about me (Esther - Beautifulgreymouse) you can read here more.

Brainstorm sessions have led to our 'doodle baby'.

We call it #finishmydoodle

It is a easy, short doodle challenge that starts every month. You choose the subject yourself, so you're not stuck to a prompt. We made up the layout and the rules of the game and are so excited about the development of this challenge!

How #finishmydoodle works

  1. Draw 5 boxes with one in the middle.
  2. Draw your contribution, your idea in the middle box.
  3. Post your doodle online with your handle (name) and hashtag #finishmydoodle.
  4. Find a participant and finish that person's doodle in one of the four boxes on your page.

!! Don't forget to tag the creator of the used doodle and us :-)
@carri_scribbles and me @beautifulgreymouse

Examples of #finishmydoodle

To clarify it, I have enclosed an example.

Carri drew a small fish in the middle and I turned it into a stream with a fisherman and a fish in the water. That's how I finished her doodle, in other words #finishmydoodle.

How does the finishmydoodle challenge work?

The other way around, I drew an old radio on a table and she made a living room out of it, in which the table with radio is located.

Finishmydoodle voorbeeld van deze doodle challenge

So you are, as it were, expanding someone else's doodle.

You can post your results as soon as you have finished one or wait until you have filled all four boxes. In the other boxes there will be a new drawing of another participant each time. And we do this together every month! 💖 Super fun right?!

Carri and I love it when you participate, because without you and other participators there is no challenge.The challenge will have to grow and we can't do that without you! Tag us and use the hashtag #finishmydoodle and let's all get creative.

Are you participating in the #finishmydoodle Instagram challenge?
I'm Carri, one of the #finishmydoodle hosts. I would love it if you join us!

Carri from @carri_scribbles

Hi I’m Carri ! I’m am 38 years old , married and have two little boys! I stay home with my boys and homeschool them ! We live on a small farm and have three horses! I teach horse riding lesson to kids and also teach a music class to kids once a week! I have always loved doing some type of art and do it as a way to relax and to push myself to try new things!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We are happy to help you!

Just to be sure, once more the challenge setup:

Rules of the Finishmydoodle Challenge

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