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How does mydoodlenine work

Are you a planner / bullet journal user, someone who would like to (learn to) doodle (make little drawings), keep reading and see how easy and fun #mydoodolenine is.

Does it take much time?

No! Why am I taking part in this challenge? Just simple drawing, no art pieces, something you do online together and it fits in my schedule ๐Ÿ™‚.

What is covered in this post

Who has created this challenge, what you might need and how it works I will explain to you in this post. I have included examples of my participation at the end of this article and a brief summary about how the challenge works. At the bottom of this article you will find a free printable that I created for you, in the most common sizes of a mydoodlenine layout. While of course you can give your own twist to the layout.

Of whom is #mydoodlenine

Mydoodlenine was initiated by Gemma Marie of Doodle Day Darlings. She has multiple doodle challenges on her instagram account, but the beauty of this one is that you don't have to make it all up yourself, so there is plenty of inspiration available and you are done with 9 drawings over a whole month. At least that's how it remains fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I think a challenge takes too long or costs too much effort, so I lose interest ... am I the only one?ย 

What do you need for mydoodlenine?

What you need for this challenge, I can be very brief about that. A sheet of paper and a pencil. If you want to draw straight lines you also need something from a ruler. If you don't feel like drawing the layout yourself, download then download the freebies at the bottom of this post. The sheet of paper may just be a loose sheet, but it can also be a page in your notebook or a spread in your bullet journal. If you want to add colour to your doodles, some colour pencils or markers are needed. You can make it as wild as you want, but also as easy or minimalistic as you want. There are participants who work with watercolor or Washi tape and there are accounts where only doodles with a black pen can be seen. And of course everything in between ๐Ÿ™‚

How does #mydoodlenine work

Click here for a short summary or read on, I'll take you by the hand. It's really not hard at all.

This doodle challenge lasts a month each time and you only have to make up 9 doodles a month, of which you only have to make up 1 yourself! Your bullet journal, planner or notebook lends itself very well to this and you can immediately add this challenge to your monthly tracker, if you have included it in your planner.

You only have to make up one doodle as I already wrote, the other drawings on your challenge page are copied! Pretty neat, isn't it? There isn't a day or time given for you to draw and put the doodle online, as long as it's finished at the end of the month. Sometimes I draw 2 every week. If I am in an inspiration bubble and I have the time, I doodle 4 or 5 doodles. It has also happened that I had to draw 6 doodles on the second last day of the month. It's just how it turns out. It's a flexible challenge without barriers.

The actions steps of mydoodlenine:

Click here for the summary without further details.

  • Draw 9 boxes

    These may all be the same size, neatly next to each other or you just draw 9 boxes in different sizes from the palm of your hand, as long as you have a middle box. Whatever you prefer. The most common layout is 9 equal boxes.

How the mydoodlenine challenge works, explanation and inspiration

If you use a 5 mm grid, which most dot grid bullet journals are, you can for example make boxes of 8 by 8. I was tired of counting boxes in my bullet journal. Therefore I designed a ruler that works perfectly in a 5mm grid notebook and especially with the Leuchtturm1917. Do you know that Leuchtturm means lighthouse?

Ruler for the bullet journal so you don't have to count boxes anymore

  • The middle box is for your doodle

    The idea is to put that one little sketch you made up yourself in there. Write your Instagram handle (Instagram name) under or above it, so that you can see in the picture who the drawing belongs to. My Instagram handle is @beautifulgreymouse

Don't you have any idea what to draw? Search Instagram for the hashtag (#) mydoodlenine or download free 28 mydoodlenine ideas to draw. I'm sure there is something in there that will give your creative brain a boost. It can be as simple as just a sun drawn in a childish way. That's fine!

  • Take a picture of your doodle and upload it to your Instagram feed with the hashtag #mydoodlenine.

    In the caption (the text with the photo) write about which month it is related. That's easy for those who are looking for doodles in the same month to add to their spread.

  • You will fill the other 8 boxes with the help of other participant.

Look for a spread with a doodle in the middle of the relevant month that you like or that appeals to you. Don't forget to click 'recent' in the search query #mydoodlenine. See picture below.

Instagram Mydoodlenine Recent Button

If you find a nice drawing that you can use, you draw it in one of the 8 boxes on your challenge page. You can draw the doodle exactly or give it a twist. Everything is allowed, as long as it can be traced back to the original drawing.

  • Add the handle (Instagram name) of the person who made the doodle to the box you drew the doodle in.

    Place the handle (Instagram name) of the person who made that doodle in the box where you drew the doodle
    You can post a picture of your progress of the challenge in between if you want, or you can place your challenge spread when it is finished. What's important is that in the caption you write down the account names that inspired you this month. When placing the picture, you can also tag the people. By clicking on the corresponding box in the picture, you can tag the 'designer' in his/her doodle that you copied.

Instagram Mydoodlenine Tags How Mydoodlenine Works

  • Ideas to draw:

dog, animal, flower, unicorn, eye, monster, mug, food, sunshine, mushroom, rainbow, heart, kite, toilet roll, marbles. There are 'strange' things like a toilet roll, but in these times with the pandemic it is very appropriate.

It's just to give your brain a spark to draw something simple. More ideas can be found in this list of 28 mydoodlenine ideas to draw.


I hope this explanation about mydoodlenine was useful to you and that you're gonna doodle

Mydoodlenine is doodling for beginners, advanced artists, talentless drawing, step-by-step drawing. It is for everyone โ™ฅ

Simple doodles, enough time to make some cute little drawings and at the end of the challenge you can put a big satisfied checkmark in your tracker. So a satisfied feeling is the icing on the cake ๐Ÿ™‚

Join the fun!

** Don't forget the free downloads ๐Ÿ™‚

Mydoodlenine Summary

Point by Point Mydoodlenine Mydoodlenine Challenge How It Works Starts

  1. Draw 9 boxes.
  2. Draw your own doodle in the middle square.
  3. Place your challenge page on Instagram and use #mydoodlenine.
  4. Search for inspiration! Find your fellow participants by searching on #mydoodlenine.
  5. Write the accounts that inspired you at the bottom of the relevant box and tag them when you put the image online. That's it!

Prefer these steps on paper? Click here for a free download.

Mydoodlenine Examples

My February doodle was a small mill with hearts around it, after all, it's the month of love. I changed the doodles of the accounts that inspired me to my theme of that month. Below you can see my end result of February.

Mydoodlenine Challenge Final result Small Mill

Other participants used my little mill for their mydoodlenine spread. I have combined five of these accounts in the collage below.

Mydoodlenine Challenge How Others drew My Mill

The setup of mydoodlenine March is shown below. As I write this blog, April is about to arrive. With my monthly bulletjournal setup, I will definitely include a mydoodlenine again! Are you in, too?

How The Mydoodlenine Challenge Works And Inspiration For It
The Process of The Mydoodlenine Challenge
Mydoodlenine March 2020 Final Result Example

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