How to fix mistakes in you bullet journal

Fixing a Mistake In Your Bullet Journal

If you use a bullet journal or planner, you've made mistakes. There's almost no way around it. A spelling error, a wrong layout, a line of a frame that goes too wide. We all know it. What's more fun than messing something up? Exactly, messing things up together 😉 And if you are a bit like me, you still get bummed out by such a mistake. I used to glue the pages together or tear them out, but now I decorate the page with a nice piece of paper. It brightens up your journal and it covers up the mistake. How I apply that, you can read in this article.

Mistakes made and their cover-up

A spread in the wrong month

"As I flipped through the month, I realized that I had made the InCoWriMo spread in the month of January instead of February."

If you like to receive real mail, by that I mean a handwritten letter or postcard, then InCoWriMo is really something for you. I always look forward to February, because that is InCoWriMo month. Would you like to read more about this? You can here. When this event came on my radar again in January, I was so excited that I immediately drew out my InCoWriMo spread. Satisfied, I closed my journal.

The week went by and a new weekly had to be set up. As I scrolled through my month, I realized that I had made the InCoWriMo spread in the month of January instead of February. It's very easy to just flip back to January when I want to check off a box, but a spread in the wrong month ... my brain can't take that. 

What then? If I glue the pages together, I can't use them anymore. It has to be done differently. I picked out a nice piece of paper and cut it to size. Rounded the corners with a corner punch and with a taperoller glued the sheet of paper over the messed up page.

It immediately made me happy. A beautiful print and instantly a page for, say, a quote, photo or whatever. It's not much work and I sincerely enjoy such a successful project. Click on the image 👇 for the 'making of' this cover-up.

Annoying bleed through

I enjoy drawing and it relaxes me. From a small scribble to a larger project. You will regularly see doodles in my journal. Last week I suddenly thought, why not use the stamps for making cards in my bullet journal? I have done this a few years ago, but the paper of my booklet at that time (Leuchtturm1917) was not up to the use of stamping ink. It bled through.

I hadn't heard of thicker notebook paper back then. Now I have and next to my favorite Leuchtturm1917 (LT1917) notebook also a Archer & Olive (A&O) notebook. The last journal has 160 gram white paper. LT1917 has 80 grams yellowish paper. Which, by the way, also has very much its charm. But, the thicker paper in the A&O invited me to use my stamps.

Stamping goes well until you start coloring with certain techniques. I colored with my Tombow Brush Pens (water based) and with Distress Ink from Ranger. When I use the Tombows without a waterbrush, it goes well, but with both there was a bleed-through when I started blending with a waterbrush.

Bleed after stamping in my bullet journal

Makes sense, you might think, but I've done pages of large watercolor drawings in my notebook, with watercolors, and they didn't create a bleed through. So I was somewhat surprised by this bleed through. You can solve this too by sticking a nice piece of paper over it and adding a quote, for example. Or just leave it like it is, because it doesn't have to be very disturbing.

Failed hand lettering

So many times I've tried to hand-letter a quote (nowadays that's a verb 😉 ) and just as many times I've failed. It's something I really can't do (yet) and really want to learn, so I keep trying. After I messed up another page with a wrong and ugly written quote, I printed the text on paper and stuck it in my journal. This way I can still enjoy this beautiful quote and not have to be bothered with yet another failed handletter project 😁


A mistake is easily made and I find the word "mistake" very heavy. It's part of the game and you can make a whole drama out of it or not even start because you're afraid of making a mistake. But you can also just put a fun spin on it. 

Sometimes I just leave it as it is, you know, there's no blood spilling out and the world just goes on. It's not all that bad. Is it irritating when I make a mistake? It is, but now that with the gluing of my 'failed' pages my journal is even getting a little nicer, I find it less annoying to make a mistake

Do you have a great cover-up tip? I'd love to hear it! Leave your idea in the comments below.

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