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Minsgame 2019 Is On!

Posted: 06 January 2019 by Esther

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I never had heard of the Minsgame before, did you?

For me the Minsgame 2019 is on! For quite some time I already used my habit tracker to declutter our home. I even read the Kon Mari Method, but I got overwhelmed. I don’t want to take out my entire closet. I simply don’t have the time and drive for it. Maybe I should turn those around … I don’t have the drive and the time.

So, I did what I could. Systematically clear out drawers, closets, boxes, cabinets etc. Every month I added a habit tracker line like ‘throw away 2 things every day’. Those 2 things are the absolute minimum. Often it is more stuff I remove from the home. Next was deciding which drawer or closet was the target for my declutter mission. I know it is a slow approach, but it works for me. As a result I get things done, without feeling overwhelmed. Baby steps, still is a forward motion.

Although this way of decluttering is fine for me, I got triggered by the guys from The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. They brought up the Minsgame. Kickstart your declutter journey or speed it up. That last reason applies to me. With this fun challenge I speed up my declutter goal. Instead of throwing away a minimum of 2 things every day, I get rid of the amount of the date of that specific day. Let me explain.

First of all, when I write ‘throw away’, you can also read donate to charity or a local recycling station. That said, further with the explanation of Minsgame. The game is to throw away 1 thing at January first, 2 things on January 2nd, 3 things on January 3rd and so on. So when you, for example, hit the week of January 21st, it gets a lot to gather.

I’ve setup a Bullet Journal spread to check off every day of this challenge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t start on the first, just pick up the game at the date you are at.

I would love to hear about your declutter journey! Don’t forget to use #minsgame if you decide to join this fun challenge.

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