Planner Stress?

Posted: 10 April 2018 by Esther

We start planning because we want to get rid of the stress or prevent getting stressed out. Not add more stress! But when you search the web for ideas, the offered amount of spreads is huge. It is easy to lose yourself in this planning world. Small easy steps will get you there.

Embrace the imperfections of a planner page. Journaling is not about perfectionism, but about getting things done in YOUR way.
Keep it simple

A friend of mine, bought her first Bullet Journal (by Ryder Carroll) in November last year. Upon today – 4 months later – she still is not using her planner. Anxious to start. Her stock of pens and washitape grows every week though.

Recognize this? You are not the only one. We see the most beautiful works of art pass by in our social media lines, thinking I can’t draw or write like that. Well, good for you! Because you are not them, you are you.

It is your way of getting in control of everything that’s going on in your life. It takes only a pen and a piece of paper, nothing more. Sure you can browse for ideas, but still get your sh*t done by writing in YOUR planner. And as time goes by, you find your way of using your notebook. Whether you keep it minimalistic or use every colour of the rainbow, just keep using that planner -or whatever you use- to tackle your busy days and enjoy the things you get done.

Want to see some minimalistic planner pages? Check out this Pinterest board. 1 pen and some paper is all it takes.

Have fun with it, just start, and see how you grow and develop your own style. Cool huh!


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