Tidying up with the Minsgame does work, unlike the Marie Kondo

Minsgame This Way Of Tidying Up Will Work

There's a new month coming up, so a new chance to start the Minsgame!

Is the stuff you have to clean up too much?

Are you reluctant to clean up and that's why you don't do anything about it? This is an article for you with the answer! Yes, really ... through this 'game' you too will get the house under control. The Minsgame will help you clean up! It works much better for me than the Marie Kondo method. Come on, let's do this!

What is the Minsgame

It's a simple, accessible way to tidy up in small, easy steps. You start with just a few seconds of your time invested ... read on >>>

It's brought like a game because it feels easier. If you're talking about tidying up and, for example Kon Mari (Marie Kondo), a lot of people are quitting already because the task is too big. Later more about my experience with the Kon Mari method.

It's not really a game, but it's an easy way to start tidying up your home, or drawer or closet or shed or whatever. A challenge you can make into a game. You like that? Do it, for sure! It is also a principle that you can apply very well together with children. Are you a visually oriented person, download the free Minsgame Layout, so you can check off the days. 

Where does the Minsgame originate from

The idea comes from two men who call themselves The Minimalists. Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus are two guys with in their opinion too much money, too much stuff, too much stress, a too busy schedule. As the stages of life go by, it raises questions as they approach their thirties and wonders if this is it. They made great changes together and started a life that was all about minimizing. They experienced at first hand that materialistic possession does not make them happy and looked for a way to keep only what they thought was important.

How the Minsgame works

It's really very simple. You can enter the Minsgame on your own or with someone inside or outside your family. I like to choose to ''do it myself'' when it comes to these things. I don't need accountability to make an action succeed, in fact, I find the pressure very uncomfortable when I have to compare or something like that. But hey, you do you!

Are you stuck, do you need support or inspiration, search Facebook or Instagram under hashtag minsgame (#minsgame) and you'll see that many are joining you. If you see a post with #minsgame round 2, this means that they are running Minsgame for the second time.

In theory, the Minsgame starts on day 1 of each month. The first day you throw one thing away. The second day of the month, you throw two things away. On the third day of the month ... you guessed it, you throw three things away, and so on.

It starts out very simple and it doesn't really seem to make any difference, but you need this process to let go of stuff. It is not doable to immediately empty an entire room and throw stuff away, give it away or take it to any organization. This is exactly why we give up. The pile of tidying up in our heads is too much.

Example of starting the Minsgame

Choose a drawer in your living room that needs to be tidied up or try to get the door of the messy room ajar so you can grab something from it. Grab one thing and throw it out, even if it's just a broken elastic band or bent paper clip. Get rid of it ...step 1 ✅ CHECK!

Example of starting the Minsgame day 1

Okay, this way of cleaning up takes longer, but it's a path to a successful outcome. And that satisfied feeling of a tidy room, drawer, house, is what it's all about, isn't it?

Don't think at first, this is going too slow for me and clean out a whole drawer right away instead of throwing away one thing. Building up the habit of making decisions about things is important and that starts with small steps. So as the Dutch cabaret artist Herman Finkers says; " slow down and speed it up a bit" 😉.

As the month progresses, you will see real results. On day 20 you have to throw away 20 things, on day 21 you have to throw away 21 things again. That's why those little steps are important in the beginning. They build up to the larger numbers, which are easier to perform if you have built a good foundation. You don't have to keep it at that one drawer during the Minsgame. I can imagine you can't throw 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 things out of a drawer. Feel free to go to another room or some other kind of stuff. Think about your wardrobe, a silverware tray or a shelf in the basement etc.

The key is that you keep going. If, for example, you cannot throw away 26 things on day 26, because you are too busy or because things are not going according to plan, don't stop. Continue with the schedule the next day. Yes, you have thrown away less than you could have achieved in total, but if you don't pick it up, it will certainly be less at the end of the month. Everything you did do is great ♥ And thankfully not the whole drawer content is on the floor, as it would be with the Kon Marie method 😉.

It doesn't have to be in a special order, but you make sure it's gone right away. Whether you throw it away, donate it or take it to recycling, that day it is 'gone'. If you want to sell it, put it on eBay or on any platform you use. If it's not sold after 30 days, donate it or put it on a Facebook 'give away corner' near you. Put the things you want to donate in a crate. I'm not going to drive to the dump for one item, let's keep it realistic. I collect these things in a wheeled crate, 1 for the dump and 1 for sale/recycling.

And yes, quite frankly, it can be hard to throw away 25 things on day 25, but I managed it every time. And I promise you, that satisfying feeling of accomplishing that task is great!

If you have a lot to dispose of, you just start every month at day 1 and throw away 1 thing. This way you keep it manageable so you go forward instead of throwing in the towel, because to stand still is to regress.

Example of day 3 Minsgame
Day 5 Minsgame clean-up a drawer

For me, the Minsgame is on!

I find it a fun way of cleaning up in contrast to my experience with Kon Marie's method. I bought the book about the Kon Mari method and read it, but this way of tidying up grabbed me by the throat. I get the idea that you only keep things that make you feel good. Saying goodbye to lifeless things goes a bit far for me, but maybe I'm too pragmatic for that. Besides that, I don't feel like emptying my entire closet and laying it on the ground to sort everything out. That's too much to process all at once for me. Not because I have so much stuff, but just because it's mentally too much for me. It's too big of a move. I don't have the time for that and I don't feel like it. Maybe I should turn that around, I don't feel like it and that's why I don't make the time for it.

I prepared a bullet journal spread (*) for the Minsgame, so I can check off this challenge every day. If you don't want to wait until the new month, then your 'game' will start on this day of the month and that will be your day 1.

A Minsgame Layout where you can mark out the days for free

Don't forget the free Minsgame download. This will help you to mark off the days of this challenge.

* Do you want to know the meaning of 'spread' or other terms within the planning world? Here is a list explaining more than 55 keywords.

The start of the minsgame in my bullet journal using a stencil
Tidying up with the Minsgame does work, unlike the Marie Kondo
Example of the Minsgame spread in my bullet journal

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