How To Use The Pinterest Barcode And Get Inspired

Posted: 10 April 2018 by Esther

I just love Pinterest, don’t you? I get inspired and really have to be alert that I’m not clicking hours away on Pinterest. Did you use the Pinterest barcode already? It’s easy. No searching for boards or names, just scan the code and get inspired by my Planner Inspiration board. This board is filled with photo’s of spreads, lay-outs, ideas from all over the web. Check it out.

Pinterest Barcode For Easy Access To Boards Planner Inspiration

How to use the Pinterest barcode

The colored dots with the yellow planner in the middle, is the barcode! Awesome huh?

  • Open de Pinterest app
  • Click on the camera icon
  • Aim at the Pinterest barcode above and off you go to a whole lot of inspiration
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