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Bujo Weekly Dog Theme

Posted: 25 April 2019 by Esther

This weeks setup is in a dog theme. When I grew up, there were always dogs around. Since I left my elderly home, I don’t have dogs anymore. I’m now a crazy cat lady. There’s even a little black crazy cat lady sticker on my pencil case 😉

When I go through my planners of the past two years, I can’t find more then 3 weeks of the same weekly setup

I’m always trying something new. Not because the spread doesn’t work, but because I like designing, creating and doodling too much.

For this spread I designed a planner stencil

It makes the weekly setup so much easier and fun. Sometimes I use the dogs, the other week the dog house or the bones and decorate some more with the fire hydrant. This way I can use the stencil in different ways to come up with new spread ideas. Why make it hard when it can be so easy.

Sometimes I don’t feel like decorating my bujo

I will keep it real simple, almost minimalistic. I gathered some cool minimalistic planner setups on my Pinterest board. You can find inspiration here. My planning should be fun, not stressful. I wrote a post about planner stress. You can read it here.

Are you someone who changes the lay-out of the planner or are you keeping it mostly the same?

I always like to learn, so if you want to share your weekly spread? That would be great! Please tag me in your Insta post, so I can see. Awesome! @beautifulgreymouse

Esther Verdonk productivity specialist and template designer for journaling
Want to share? That would be great :-)

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