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This Is How I Start My Day, How Do You Start Your Day?

Posted: 12 May 2018 by Esther

I need regularity in my life. That’s how I am wired. Some people don’t need it at all …

To add regularity I have 4 things I do every day when I wake up. Of course there are more things I do, but these 4 I really want to get done every day. I have to add … when possible, because we never know what life throws at us.

#1 I don’t check my phone before everyone is off to school or work

I even do not take my phone to my bedroom anymore. My first moments awake I want them to be quiet and only me and my thoughts. After those moments Family life begins and I want nothing else on my mind than being there for my daughters and husband. Just us starting a new day.

#2 Make my bed

(check this awesome video)
I don’t know if it’s due to my military background, but I need to make my bed when I get up. As Navy Seal Admiral McRaven so outstanding explains in this 1:42 m video. A absolutely must watch.

#3 Focus on my day

I go through my Bullet Journal, every morning. It’s my ‘external hard drive’ and keeps me in control of the things that need to get done.

#4 Light therapy

Especially when the days are short, I use my Litebook Edge. It’s a small device to use for light-therapy. This way I get my daily dose of light which benefits my body clock and quality of sleep. It’s benefits are clinically proven.

So … there you have it. My daily routine. Want to share your routine? I would love to read about you and your starting of the day.

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