Did You Know A Kitten Gives a Boost To Your Productivity

Posted: 10 April 2018 by Esther

3 Scientific statements about productivity boost

Baby animals as kittens and puppies boost your focus and therewith your productivity. Read more about productivity and scientific facts.


I didn’t know this, but Japanese scientists have proven that looking at baby animals improves your focus and dexterity when you are performing your tasks. Luckily we have 4, so I must be super productive 😉

greenery in offices boost productivity

Green plants

Studies show that offices with lots of green plants, have more productive employees.

Blue stimulates your brain. It aiding concetration and clears distracting thoughts. So you get more productive.

The colour blue

Blue stimulates the brain. It boosts your concentration and clears your mind of distracting thoughts. Science goes even so far as that the colour blue decreases your appetite. Well, I wasn’t one of the test persons I can tell you 🙂


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