Last Post In The Series – Scientific Facts And Productivity

Posted: 30 April 2018 by Esther

We arrived at the last 3 scientific proven facts about boosting your productivity.

The first 6 facts you can read in the posts: “Did you know a kitten gives a boost to your productivity” and “Science makes productivity more exciting”. I promise you, those last three are not hard at all 🙂 Just like the previous, they are making getting things done more fun.

Napping increases your productivity. Ain't that awesome?!


#7 Napping

You are more productive when your regularly take a nap. Research shows that a nap resets your brain and that benefits your productivity level. Sleep tight.

Taking a break is good for your productivity


#8 Take a break

When you are working and you take regularly a brake, you eventually achieve more than peers who are working and working and working, without a break. So, poor yourself a cup of tea and sit down.


#9 Chit-chat

I know …. but it’s scientific proven … chatting really makes you more productive. And when your at your job, the chit-chat doesn’t even have to be work related.


I have one last fact for you. Although you might think it is the opposite. When you work less hours, you become more productive. No more 8 tot 10 hour workdays I say 🙂

I enjoyed to read about those scientific facts about productivity. They often put a smile on my face. I gave my cats an extra cuddle 🙂 (see post 1 of these series).

Hopefully you can implement some of these inspiring facts and have more fun being productive.

Esther Verdonk productivity specialist and template designer for journaling


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