3 Tips on How To Start Journaling Again

Posted: 10 April 2018 by Esther

I love to share 3 tips on how to start journaling again

These 3 tips I used to get back on track after I gave up journaling.

A journaling system, if it’s a plain notebook, Bulletjournal, Nuuna or whatever you use, works! I think it’s the best productivity tool around.

Bulletjournal new dotgrid page for journaling
I just love a fresh page

But … when I started journaling a few years ago, I started with enthusiasm and wanted a journal just like all those pretty spreads you see online. I made all kind of trackers and collections, because I wanted everything logged. Not long after I started, I found my journal lying untouched in the drawer. I got discouraged. Too much work and too less of a skill for drawing and lettering, I thought.

So, if you can relate to my story or have given up journaling for another reason and want to start again, I have 3 tips for you that got me back on track and I never stopped journaling after that!


#1 Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Everybody can relate to a quote. I did to this one. All fun and enthusiasm disappeared, I got discouraged with a feeling of failure, because in my mind I couldn’t draw or write as beautifully as others. So when I read this quote something clicked for me. I stopped comparing my way of work to others and since that moment I enjoy my spreads with all their perfect imperfections. In the process of finding my own way of journaling, I gradually started drawing and writing more and due to practice I even got satisfied with my work. I love both sides, the minimalistic journal and at times I hit the creative button and have fun with that. That’s the beauty of a journal … that flexibility.

#2 Find Only 5 Minutes In The Morning

Find 5 minutes in the morning to go through your planner page for that day. 5 minutes, that’s all it takes to look through your to-do list and add stuff you want to get done or -even better- check off the completed tasks. You can do it at the breakfast table, just before or after breakfast. You could even set your alarm-clock 5 minutes earlier. What’s 5 minutes?!
When you do this every day, it becomes a routine.

#3 Have Your Supplies Within Grabbing Distance

I have a small space in my bookshelf, nearby the table I use for journaling, dedicated to my daily needed journaling supplies. Some fine-liners and a ruler in my zipper pouch and of course my planner. That’s all I need. When I have time and if I want to, I add some drawing or stamps to my spreads, but that is not something I plan in those 5 minutes in the morning. Those ‘art’ supplies are organised but are not at arms reach of the table.

I truly hope this post can help you get back on track with your journaling. Even the smallest step is still a step forward. It’s not difficult to journal and it’s the best productivity tool around! It helped me a lot in all kind of areas of my life. I hope it does help you too.

I would love to hear from your ‘getting back in the game journey’. What are your struggles? Go to Facebook and let me know.

Esther Verdonk productivity specialist and template designer for journaling

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