I Want To Start A Planner But I Don’t Have The Time For It

Posted: 10 April 2018 by Esther

This way a weekly spread for your journal takes less than 2 minutes to setup

Sometimes I really don’t want to make time for a huge colourful weekly spread. I just want to jot down the essentials and leave it at that. When I see a monthly spread made on Instagram or whatever, than copy the same information over to a weekly and eventually written down in a daily, I think “that’s not productive”. Sure it can be fun, but I don’t always have time to take all those steps.

Weekly spread with usage of a template. Easy journaling.
Journal weekly minimalistic spread easy and setup in 2 minutes

So when I’m in that ‘mood’, I make a weekly, take over the information from my yearly overview and only make a daily to do list if needed. I know I have to vacuum every day with 4 cats in the house. That’s not something to put on my to-do list. Only the stuff that I really don’t want to forget of has a high priority.

That is a simple way of using your planner. It saves a lot of time and still you get your stuff done! Ok, there is no fancy handwriting in this. Well, if I feel for it ánd have the time, yes I can get lost in all this creativity and enjoy that process. But it is not always necessary.

I even make it easier for myself by using a template to draw out this weekly. This way I don’t even have to measure or count the squares for the next line to draw. In less than 2 minutes I have my weekly spread up.

Have fun in getting grip on your planner and life! That is what is important. If journaling is a burden, you are not using it the way it fits you.

I made a short video about one of my favourite easy weekly spreads.


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