Meaning Personal Productivity

What Does Personal Productivity Mean?

What is the meaning of personal productivity and why is it so important? What do you gain from it in everyday life? First, let's look at what productivity actually means. In my opinion, it is quite a vague concept.

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Roadmap in your bullet journal to a uncluttered digital environment

Digital Declutter

Digital clutter, we all struggle with it. Do you have more than 10, 100 or 1000 emails / Whatsappes in your inbox, x thousand photos on your phone, bookmarks in your browser that you never look at ... this is an article for you.

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started and Why

Moodtracker 101 How to Get Started

A mood tracker is in Dutch a mood registration, but I find mood tracker more pleasant to read and write. In this article I'll look at how you start a mood tracker, what it's for and how you express a mood or feeling in words.

The start of a new day How I start my day with four simple routines

The Start Of A New Day This Is How I Begin

You can see each day as a new start, an unwritten page. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration, so here is an example of how I start my day. Regularity and structure are key, but there are people who get through the day without any form of structure.

We all hate it when we make a mistake in our planner. Don't give up

Planner Stress?

The use of a paper planner is becoming increasingly popular for a good reason, it is a good way to manage your time and be productive. And yet it happens, "you're running behind", the planner becomes an obligation. Instead of the bullet journal helping you, it's stressful...

The Bullet Journal Basics

Starting the Bullet Journal - The Basic Terms

Beyond the hype that has been created around the Bullet Journal, the original purpose of journaling is to get to grips with the things you want or need to do in everyday life. Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal, needed this structure during his studies and developed a...

The pinterest barcode explained

How The Pinterest Barcode Works

I love Pinterest. Don't you? It's very important for me to schedule a time slot for Pinterest and stick to it, because I'll click for a couple of hours if I don't stop myself. It's a huge inspiration for all sorts of things...

Example of applying the Accountability Mirror in my bullet journal

The Accountability Mirror In My Bullet Journal

Earlier this year I read the book by David Goggins, 'Can't Hurt Me' What a remarkable man with a special story. He goes very hard for his goals. So hard, that he has looked death in the eye several times. Okay, that goes way too far for me, too...

Free Printable Mydoodlenine

How does mydoodlenine work

If you are a bullet journal user, someone who would like to (learn to) doodle, keep reading and see how easy and fun #mydoodolenine is. Does it take a lot of time? No! Why am I participating in this challenge? Just simple drawing, no artwork, something you do together online.

Tidying up with the Minsgame does work, unlike the Marie Kondo

Minsgame This Way Of Tidying Up Will Work

There's a new month coming up, so a great chance to start the Minsgame! Is the stuff you have to clean up too much? Are you reluctant to clean up and that's why you don't do anything about it? This is an article for you with the answer! Yes, really ...